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LGIU statement: Who are your leading councillors?

Today, the only national awards ceremony celebrating the work of councillors across England, Wales and Scotland has officially launched its call for nominations.

England & Wales, Scotland Press Releases

Urban planning for climate change mitigation

While the need for climate change adaptation and mitigation is generally well accepted, the scale and complexity of the issue can cause confusion and policy paralysis. This briefing clarifies the link between urban planning concerns and climate change and then offers a few ideas for how local governments can contribute to climate change mitigation through…


England policy round-up – June/July 2022

Our new, monthly policy round-up for England provides a summary of key policy and practice documents affecting local government. This edition covers policy/research papers from June and early July 2022, a period dominated by political instability, the cost of living crisis, gloomy economic news and industrial action.

England & Wales

Audit Committees and the impact of Covid in Ireland

This briefing looks at a recent Local Government Audit Service report on the impact of Covid on local government, providing a series of criteria that audit committees should consider in addressing their important role in each local authority.


All politics is local

Central government is barely functioning but, writes Jonathan Carr-West, while Westminster burns local government will of course keep the country running and carry on delivering the services that their communities need and rely on. It was ever thus.

England & Wales, Scotland

The Uluru Statement from the Heart: Understanding Local Government’s role

In his victory speech on election night on 21 May 2022, the leader of the Australian Labor Party, Anthony Albanese, renewed the incoming government’s commitment to implementing the Uluru Statement from the Heart. With this renewed focus, this briefing provides important background to the Uluru Statement from the Heart and outlines its relevance to local…


Scotland policy round-up June 22

This policy round-up is essential reading and provides a summary of key documents that impact local government in Scotland. From urban planning to finance, climate change to education, these publications will help to shape and inform policy and delivery of services in Scotland, including social, economic and environmental future policy contexts.